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This week you can explore the outdoors, test your awareness of your senses and make your own moon!

  • Explore the outdoors (5 + years)

With this nice weather why not head outside and explore some wildlife? You don’t have to go far to see amazing animals when they are all around us. If you go to the park there are all sorts of animals to see, why not explore some of them with this spotting sheet made by the Wetland Wildlife Trust.

If you can’t explore the outdoors, the WWT has some resource to make some animals at home, including this origami swan and a fantastically easy way to draw an amazing duck. Did you also know that birds are actually dinosaurs too?

  • Explore yourself (8 + years)

The Royal Institution have made a huge number of great activities to do at home. This activity is all about yourself! The RI has eight different experiments all about proprioception: our awareness of our own bodies. By doing eight different illusions that trick your understanding of your own body you can see how these senses work. Some of these experiments need no equipment at all, just yourself.

  • Making the Moon (5 + years)

Last week you may have joined our online Meet Our Scientist session with Josh, where we learned about mining on the Moon! Here we have an activity from a making blog called a dab of glue where you can make your own moon, just using paint, glue and foil.

If you want to join our final session around Volcanoes, book here.


Meet Our Scientists: Geology Rocks with Chris Jackson

A close up of a sign Description automatically generatedDon’t miss your last chance this summer to meet our friendly researchers. Our free, family-friendly livestream events finish on Wednesday with an exciting session with Chris Jackson.

See what happens when you abseil into a volcano and learn more about the most powerful forces on the planet. From volcanoes to global warming we see how Geologists use rocks as clues to discover what the Earth’s past was like, and what that can tell us about life in the future! As well as meeting our scientists you can test your knowledge in our Earth Quiz and use our activity sheet to plan your lava flow experiment later at home.

When: Wednesday 26 August, 10.30-11.30

Where: Zoom, register for your ticket here

Who: 6 – 12 years of age

Imperial Lates Online: Staying Connected

Imperial Lates Online are our free after-hours adult events exploring cutting-edge science and engineering at Imperial in creative ways. Be inspired and tune in for a week of discovery as our researchers share the wonder of what they do.

How can technology help us to feel closer to friends and family? Imagine a new interconnected future with us at Imperial Lates Online for a week-long celebration of science. Join our debate on how lockdown has changed the future of work, put pen to paper in our creative postcard workshop, or pit fact against fiction in the Pub-less Quiz.

Once you register you will receive a full programme including links to join the various live events.

When: 1st – 6th  September

Where: Online

Who: Most suitable for over-18s

Register for Lates here

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