The case for change for a single NW London CCG – August 2020

Why are we proposing to merge the CCGs into a single body?  The case for change is available here. We would also draw your attention to the
following points.

  • All eight CCG Governing Bodies agreed in September 2019 that a single CCG was the right direction of travel. It was also agreed that 2020/21 would be a transitional year focused on financial recovery, developing a single CCG operating model and working with providers to develop systems.
  • Each borough will continue to have its own team to ensure the right services for local needs. We will retain a focus on managing key relationships at borough level, working closely with GPs, local authorities and local Healthwatch and voluntary sector organisations. However, each CCG is a
    separate legal entity and it costs significantly more to service all eight organisations than it would a single body, as duplication ties up resources.
  • We are trying to strike the right balance between strategic planning across North West London, with strong clinical input and integrated care delivery at borough level. The single CCG would take strategic decisions across the whole area and smaller primary care networks (PCNs) at local level would directly offer even closer local focus, whilst at the same time enabling more effective commissioning of services.
  • We have learned a great deal from the Covid-19 pandemic, notably about how we function better as a single system. Joint working across all parts of the NHS, in partnership with social care, has been critical to our response. The CCGs have in effect operated as a single body and there has been no commissioner-provider split.
  • The proposed merger aligns to the NHS Long Term Plan. The NHS Long Term Plan and the London region set clear expectations for a single CCG for each Integrated Care System (ICS). Both the ICS and single CCG are expected to be in place from April 2021. To achieve our vision, we need to have one organisation buying and commissioning services for all in NW London – this means moving to a single CCG.

We would welcome your thoughts on to the case for change.

All thoughts/comments should be directed to by Friday, 11 September.

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