Simple Science at home activities

Imperial College has shared weekly science activities for children and families to try from home, during lock down and thereafter. This week you can improve the sound of your phone, try some chemistry with the Crick and discover 15 quick science activities to
do at home or outside.

  •  Sound Booster (6 + years)If you play music from your phone but could do with a little more volume, check out this activity from the Science Museum where you can create your own sound booster to make your phone louder and clearer. You can experiment with different materials and shapes to see which one has the best performance. You’ll need tape and scissors, as well as clean dry recycling,such as a cardboard box and a milk carton, or whatever you find sounds best!

  • 15 Quick Science Activities (7 + years)Sometimes you just need a few items and an idea to get creative. From making a robot to designing paper planes, we’ve put together 15 ideas for you to try at home. If you end up making something fun, let us know through Twitter @InventionRooms so we can show the world what you have done.

  • Get Chemical with The Crick (9+ years) The Crick has loads of great activities to try out at home. We really like these kitchen experiments where you can try chemical reactions and make your own invisible fire extinguisher. You’ll need a few items for this which you may already have in the house like bicarbonate of soda or icing sugar. As always, any kitchen chemistry should be done with adult supervision.

Let us know how you get on!

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