Simple Science Activities at Home

Simple Science Activities at Home
We hope you have been enjoying the Simple Science Activities we’ve been sending over since the beginning of lockdown. This week you can explore the fire of London, make giant bubbles and discover ice age giants!

  • Explore the Fire of London with the Museum of London (7 +)

In 1666 a huge fire burned through the City of London, burning most of the city. This changed London forever and the city was rebuilt, the old wooden houses were replaced with the brick we see today. The Museum of London has lots of great resources to explore London’s history, and you can learn more about the fire here. You can also explore the fire through Minecraft by downloading these maps!  After you’ve discovered the history, why not share the story with your friends by creating a puppet show about it!

  • Make Giant Bubbles (3 + years)

Use a bubble wand to make  giant bubbles with the Science Museum. This activity can get messy, so you’ll need to do the activity somewhere where you can wash the floor, or it can be a great activity to try outside in a garden or in a park.

You’ll need a wire coat hanger, tape and string to make your bubble wand. The bigger the wand the bigger the bubbles! To make the best bubbles the Science Museum recommends washing up liquid and sugar or glycerol.

Although your bubbles may get very big, they are actually really thin, less than a thousandth of a millimetre thick which is less than one-fiftieth the diameter of a human hair! This means they are super light, which is why they can float away.

  • Explore Ice Age Giants (7 + years)

50,000 years ago most of the world was covered in ice which is why it was called an Ice Age. Find out about the amazing animals that roamed the Earth during the Ice Age and explore how they lived and why they disappeared with this video from the NHM. 

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