Hot Clinic set up at St Charles to support patients with Covid-19 and other health conditions.

A clinic has been set up at St Charles to support patients who have, or are suspected to have Covid-19 as well as additional health conditions that require medical help.

GPs or NHS 111 can refer patients to the hot clinic for a face to face appointment with a doctor or nurse. The clinic aims to reduce the risk of infection by treating patients who have Covid-19 symptoms in a controlled and safe environment.

If you have any questions regarding the above service changes, please contact the team on For further information on where to go, or where to signpost people to if they’re feeling unwell, please see below.

Have you or your loved ones have been affected by Covid 19? If yes, you can share your feedback with us. Please visit our Covid 19 page to find the best way for you to leave your feedback

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