Health Help Now app to be decommissioned



NHS North West London CCGs have made the decision to decommission the Health Help Now app by the end of June 2020.  The Health Help Now app was established to provide residents with digital support and signposting to a range of health services including symptom checkers, diabetes support, health news and advice. Unfortunately due to the app not being widely taken up by our residents and the CCGs have neither the clinical resource to assure its clinical content nor the financial resource to promote it.

The app has been downloaded to date by just 0.4% of the NW London population, and the CCGs do not have the funding resource to promote it more widely. The lack of clinical assurance presents a risk to patient safety.

The following views were expressed by the stakeholders:

  • The lack of clinical oversight rendered the app clinically unsafe

  • The app user base was too low to be financially sustainable

  • User numbers were unlikely to increase due to the lack of available promotional funding

Please feel free to share any feedback you have in using the app.  your voice and experiences as patients is crucial in guiding change.

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