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In November and December 2020, a team of Occupational Therapists at the Recovery Colleges of West London NHS Trust and Central and North West London Foundation Trust (CNWL) joined forces to create a series of free webinars for those affected by Long Covid.

Alison Hoble, Occupational Therapist and manager of West London NHS Trust’s Recovery College said:

Being part of this important collaboration with our neighbouring trust (CNWL), has been a really positive experience.
We hope that the webinars will be helpful to those who have been impacted by the pandemic in some way.

Webinar topics

• Managing anxiety
• Introduction to mindfulness
• Understanding low mood
• Let’s talk about sleep
• How to manage tiredness and fatigue
• Healthy routines during uncertainty
• Discovering self-compassion
• Creativity and wellbeing

When are the webinars?

Starting Thursday 4 February, the webinars will run weekly, every Thursday, until 8 April 2021. Some sessions run from 10am while others from 2pm.

How to access the webinars

You’ll need to register for the webinars in advance.

See the full timetable and register

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