Family Science Sessions over Easter, COVID Vaccines Live Q&A and Imperial’s Current and Future Luminaries

Atmospheric Explorers – Family Air Quality Science Sessions over Easter

It’s not too late to book places on our upcoming half-term activities. This Easter holiday you can meet our researchers who are working on new discoveries all about air. Over two weeks, you can see how cars cut through air, learn how to capture carbon, and take part in our super quiz about the world’s air, atmosphere and oceans.

Our sessions will take place online via Zoom and are free for families in the North of H&F and RBKC. Each online session will last around 45 minutes.

  • Storytelling: The Elephant and the Bee

Why are elephants afraid of bees? Why do bees sting? And should we be afraid of them? Come and join professional storyteller Helen for a fun, educational folktale from Thailand exploring these questions. Bees are vital for life and it’s important that we do all we can to support them – even if we live in a city. We’re sure you’ll come away buzzing with bee facts and perhaps even dancing like one!

After the session we will send you an activity to help you make your own environment a little greener.


Who: Ages 3 – 5

When: Thursday, 8 April 14:00 and Tuesday, 13 April 10:00

Register: via Eventbrite here



  • Meet our Scientist: Brake Dust Discoveries

Car exhaust is a source of pollution that we are probably familiar with, but could it be that every time we hit the brakes, we are contributing to air pollution?

Join researcher Liza, as we look down the microscope at some of the cutting-edge research into this tiny potential pollutant. Learn about our research into brake dust, design the car of the future and complete our super urban air quiz.

After the session we will send out an activity for you to design a vehicle of the future!


Who: Ages 5 – 11
When: Wednesday, 7 April 10:00 and Thursday, 8 April 10:00

Register: via Eventbrite here

  • Meet our Scientist: Fantastic Flowing Fluid

What does predicting the weather, designing a supercar and knowing where to stand on a tube have in common? Join researcher Huw as we discover more about the amazing world of fluid dynamics which is the science that tells us how air moves.

In this online session, you’ll design your very own supercar, learn about the science of fluid flow, and work out how researchers build models to make our world safer.


Who: Ages 5 – 11
When: Wednesday, 7 April 14:00 & Wednesday, 14 April 10:00

Register: via Eventbrite here


  • Meet our Scientist: Carbon Capture Pioneers

We know that carbon dioxide in the air can cause global warming, but what if there was a way to capture carbon and lock it miles underground? Join researcher Sarah as we explore the amazing world of carbon capture and see how geologists combine cutting edge technology and millions of years old rocks for a greener future for everyone. Learn about our amazing research, take part in our carbon quiz and try your own carbon experiment at home.


Who: Ages 5 – 11
When: Tuesday, 13 April 14:00 and Thursday, 15 April 10:00

Register: via Eventbrite here

  • Quiz: Earth, Air and Ocean

The ocean is full of life and covers most of the planet, but how much do you know about this amazing habitat? Join our researcher Stephanie and take part in our interactive live zoom quiz all about the earth’s largest ecosystem. Have fun, test your families’ knowledge and discover how we are all connected together on this blue planet!


Who: Ages 5 – 11
When: Thursday, 15 April 14:00

Register: via Eventbrite here

  • Community Champions Workshop: Make a greener future

Sometimes climate change seems like such a big problem, it’s hard to know where to start. So what can you do when you want to make a real difference?

Join researcher Emma to learn about the different ways you can get involved in making your local neighbourhood and community greener and cleaner. A must for all those concerned about local air pollution.


Who: Ages 5 – 11
When: Wednesday, 14 April 14:00

Register: via Eventbrite here

Curious About the COVID-19 Vaccines? Join Us for a Live Q&A Chat in April

Even though it’s seems to be a topic we are all talking about, it’s hard to keep up with the news and sometimes difficult to decipher what’s true and what’s not.  


Join us online for a live Q&A hosted by local resident and community leader Hanan Ghouneim. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to clinician Dr Liz Whittaker and COVID-19 Vaccine researcher Dr Paul Mckay.


The event is a Q&A and we aim to get through as many questions asked by attendees as we can.  


Who: Open to everyone

When: Tues 20th April 17.00 – 18.00

Register: via Eventbrite here

Imperial’s Current and Future Women Luminaires – with Maggie and Myself!

Please join us for a special series of conversations to showcase the College’s inspirational luminaries’ careers and to share lessons learned with the next generation of future stars.

Imperial has amazing women who are leaders in their fields and provide inspiration to many inside and outside the College. When they talk about their research, teaching, and societal engagement, they inspire and motivate others.

Hosted by our President Professor Alice P. Gast, the next conversation will be with Professor Maggie Dallman OBE, who champions our Community Engagement work around the White City Campus, and me!

We’ll be talking about our careers and future aspirations, how our professional paths have crossed through our engagement work and discuss how we all benefit from science.

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