DNACPR review during the COVID-19 pandemic

Calling voluntary and community sector groups! CQC want to work with you to support our review of how Do Not Resuscitate orders were used during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Can you help?


 What do we need?

Does your organisation work with or hear from any of these groups?

•                People with a learning disability and/or autism

•                People whose first language is not English

•                People who are digitally excluded

•                People with low literacy skills

•                People with a sensory impairment

We’re looking to work with organisations – or a union of organisations*, who work with these groups.

*You don’t have to be an existing coalition, one organisations might want to work together with another, and we accept and encourage organisations to combine bids if they feel they can’t’ meet all the criteria on their own.

This project

Help us hear from people who have been affected by a DNACPR order. Help them in completing our survey and ensure their response reaches by the deadline stated. This will mean:

·       Calling out to people living in England and in those population groups above, to see if they have experience of a DNACPR order from March 2020 to the present day.

·       Supporting those people who have had those experiences to share them, by assisting them to answer the questions in this survey or completing the CQC survey on behalf of individuals with their consent, if they’re unable complete it independently.

·       Submit the completed surveys to CQC through the link provided by the deadline.

How to apply

Download the Expression Of Interest (EOI) document and application form below. Please return your plan and quotation (how much the organisation would like to be paid for providing the services) by email to deadline for submissions 23:59 pm on Thursday 10th December 2020.

Additional info

What is an EOI?

An expression of interest is a business communication that shows that an organisation is interested in providing goods or services.

The survey

We’re using a survey so we can hear the experiences of people who have had a DNACPR or had one reviewed, since the start of the pandemic in March.

The survey has around 15 questions may take up to 15 minutes. To see an example of the set of questions being used for the survey, please see attachment below.* The survey will be live from Thursday 3rd December 2020. Use this link to access the survey when it’s live.

*The questions may have some minor changes prior to the launch.

How will applications be assessed?

Organisations will need to submit a fixed price offer. Contracts are awarded on the basis of value for money. Read more on this in the EOI document.

For any queries, email to

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