2nd Vaccine COVID-19 FAQ’s

Having your Covid-19 second vaccine  – your questions answered

It is important that you have both doses of your vaccine to ensure you have the maximum level of protection from Coronavirus.


When will I have my second vaccine booked?

If your GP booked you in for your first vaccine they will contact you and book you for your second vaccine 11-12 weeks later. Please note your GP may not contact you to book you in until 9 -10 weeks after your first vaccine.

If you booked your first vaccine through one of the online booking systems, you will be able to book your second vaccine for 11-12 weeks later through the national booking system , you can do this the day after you have had your first vaccine.


What happens if more than 12 weeks passes before I have my second vaccine?

If for any reason you miss having your second vaccine 12 weeks after your first, please make sure you book-in and have it as soon as possible.


Where will I go for my second vaccine?

You will need to return to the same venue that you had your first vaccine for your second.

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