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H&F Residents & Workers – Get a Free Rapid COVID Test Today

1 in 3 people with the virus have no symptoms, so getting a test is the best way to protect those around us. Testing helps identify cases and shows us where the virus is spreading. If we know who has the virus, we know where we need to take action to help stop it.  

H&F Council has set up testing centres at:

  • Our Lady of Fatima Church, White City (temporary)
  • Shepherd’s Bush Library
  • Sands End Arts & Community Centre
  • Council Offices at 145 King Street, Hammersmith


From Monday 18 January anyone can walk into these sites to get a test, but please book a time if you can, in order to help speed up the process. Your results will be available within an hour.


To book a test online for you and your family and for details of opening times, please visit the H&F’s website:  If you are unable to book online, please call the H&F CAN helpline for assistance: 0800 145 6095, open 8am to 6pm seven days a week. 


These rapid tests are for people with NO symptoms (such as a cough or high temperature).  


If you have any Coronavirus symptoms you need to book an NHS test here: Get a free NHS test to check if you have coronavirus – GOV.UK (


Curious About the COVID-19 Vaccines? Ask Us Your Questions Today!

Everyone seems to be talking about the COVID-19 vaccines – on the news, social media and friends and family but sometimes is hard to decipher what’s true and what’s not. Do you have a question about the vaccines that you would like our scientists to answer directly? Or is there something you have heard that you would like fact checked?

If so, submit your question here and one of our scientists will get back to you in a week or so with an answer. We’ll share questions submitted (anonymously) with the answers in upcoming issues of our e-newsletter.

Remember, if you have personal health related questions, it’s important to get advice from NHS 111 or your healthcare professional.


Whilst we wait to hear from you, here are some useful links with information on the vaccines:

·         NHS COVID-19 Vaccine information

·         British Islamic Medical Association COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs, statements and myth busting

·         Imperial College London’s work on a COVID-19 vaccine

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Emma on


Amazing Earth and Space Half Term Activities

We’re excited to announce that our family science activities are starting again this February half term for children aged 6-11 and their families via Zoom. This half term we’ll be exploring our amazing Earth and other planets.


  • Wonder Woman and the power of Earth – Under five storytelling with a difference

Superhuman strength, agility, and the power of flight. Where did she come from and how is she so strong?


You might know her from the comics, but the modern-day Wonder Woman was inspired by the all-female Amazonian warriors of Greek mythology. When the great Amazonian Queen Hippolyta wanted a daughter, she turned to the source of all creation – the Earth.

Join our interactive storytelling session with professional storyteller Helen Tozer to hear about Wonder Woman’s adventures, from her birth to her quest to save her family and home. After the session you will be sent a free activity pack with all the materials to make your own artwork based on the story.


Who: Ages 3 – 5

When: Tuesday 16th Feb at 10.00

Where: Online via Zoom

Register: via Eventbrite here


  • Meet our Scientists: Astrobiology Explorers with Tara Salter

Are we alone in the Universe? What might life look like on other planets?

Although these questions sound like science fiction, Imperial scientists are actively looking for life in our solar system and beyond. From the icy moons of Saturn to the boiling hot atmosphere of Venus, the hunt for life is one of our greatest scientific challenges! Meet our astrobiologist Tara Salter, as we discover how scientists search for life in environments millions of miles from Earth.

Who: Ages 6+

When: Tuesday 16th Feb at 14.00 and Thursday 18th Feb at 10.00

Where: Online via Zoom

Register: via Eventbrite here


  • Draw the Moon Art Workshop with Josh and Abby

Spend a day gazing at the moon from the comfort of your home and learn how to capture its beauty in this “daytime night sky” drawing workshop for all the family.

Make your own moon art with the help of illustrator Abby Hobbs while our lunar scientist Josh Rasera explores the lunar landscape, and how its craters and darker seas tell a dramatic and ancient story of how it was formed. We’ll also explore how engineers are planning to use the moon to push us further into the solar system and discover how one day we may mine the moon.

When you join us, you will need:

  • A picture of the moon to draw from
  • Something to draw on (paper, a notebook, cardboard, etc.)
  • Something to draw with (pencils, biros, felt tips, highlighters, paints etc.)

(If you need any of the above resources, please do email and we can provide these free of charge.)


Who: Ages 6+

When: Wednesday 17th Feb at 10:00 and 14:00

Where: Online via Zoom

Register: via Eventbrite here


  • The Amazing Earth and Other Planets Family Quiz

      Celebrate a week of planetary science by taking part in our space science quiz.


Bring your family members and join researcher Louise as we test your knowledge of outer space and the most amazing planet of all, Earth!

Filled with challenges and curious questions, this fun quiz is a great way to wrap up half term. You’ll need all your science skills, pen and paper, and of course an amazing quiz team name! You’ll also have a chance to hear more about Louise’s research, and ask your questions to a real Earth scientist!

Who: Ages 6+

When: Tuesday 16th Feb at 14.00 and Thursday 18th Feb at 10.00

Where: Online via Zoom

Register: via Eventbrite here.

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