Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham Updates

Although there has been some change to services, Age UK are still committed to delivering the following services to older people:

  • Shopping Service

    Shopping services have increased from two days a week to five days so that
    more people can access it. To book, email or call: 020 7386


  • Digital Inclusion Project

    AgeUk’s Digital Champions are available to provide 1-2-1 digital support over the phone including:
    – Assist clients in registering for online services at GP surgeries
    – Assist clients in registering with a chemist that does deliveries
    – Assist clients in registering for online shopping
    – Assist clients in setting up email accounts
    – Assist clients in making complaints or seeking queries online
    about services
    – Assist clients about keeping in touch with friends and family by
    social media, WhatsApp, text messages, email, Skype, video
    calling and other digital methods
    – General help to clients with issues around the use of technology
    to keep independent, safe and combat loneliness
    To book, email or call: 020 7386 9085.


  •        Isolated Buddy Service

This is service provides aid in the following ways; Personal Grocery Service, Telephone Befriending and Prescription assistance. This new service helps older members of society unable to leave their homes and without support of carers, friends, family and neighbours.
If you know someone in need of our Isolated Buddy Service then complete our Client Form (requesting
help): or if urgent call: 020 7386 9085.

  • Meal Delivery Service

Age Uk’s meal delivery service is offered 5 days a week. Food is freshly cooked and arrives chilled with reheating instructions and allergen information. You can order 1 meal per week or 5 for the entire week which will be delivered each day. Orders must be placed 36 hours in advance and by 3pm each day. To book call 020 7386 9085 or email


Furthermore, 30 minute telephone appointments are available covering the following areas of advice: Welfare
Benefits, Employment, Housing, Consumer, Debt and Basic Immigration queries.
To book, call: 020 7386 9085.


We hope this information helps guide and support those in our community who have been greatly impacted by Covid.  As always, please do share with us your experiences.

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