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Lunge against

Loneliness in Later Life


#TakeTheLunge challenge

Why lunges? We want everyone to take part, including older people, and there are lunge variations for all ages and abilities! Lunges are also a great exercise for the core and legs, as well as for improving balance and hip flexibility.

Are you ready for the challenge? We have two options to choose from.


If you’re not too active but still want to help, you can take our shorter challenge. You just need to do 50 lunges to participate and text LUNGE to 70450. Then nominate 5 of your friends to spread the message and keep the ball rolling!


If you’re serious about tackling isolation, why not take it up a notch and ask your network to sponsor your fitness challenge?

500 lunges. As many sets or days as needed. You have a maximum of one month to complete, how long will you take?

What motivates people to donate?

Your Why

Share why you’re fundraising for the elderly. Explain why keeping this minibus is important. Do you want to support older people in these trying times? Do you want to make sure that no older person suffers from loneliness? Are you worried about the impact that isolation can have on older people? Make your why personal.

Their Impact

Help them see the impact we’re making by sharing our content. Follow us on social media if you haven’t already! We’ll be posting about why the minibus is so important to us and our beneficiaries. You can help us spread the message.

Repeated Exposure

Keep thanking and sharing your progress on social media, don’t forget to use images! Posts can get lost quickly and you won’t be able to, don’t be scared of posting multiple times throughout the challenge. People are more likely to donate when they’re familiar with the cause and can see you’re committed to it.


Social Media Post Example

Hello everyone! I’m going to the #TakeTheLunge Challenge to help Age UK H&F fight isolation and loneliness. Their minibus has helped our older neighbours leave their homes and get essential supplies for 12 years. For many of them, it’s the only time they go out and see their friends. If we don’t do anything and the service disappears, they’ll be housebound for the rest of their days. I can’t allow this to happen, so I’m going to take the plunge! Can you help me keep isolation and loneliness at bay?


How do you get donations?

Now that you’re clear on what makes people donate, it’s time to get the ball rolling!

1.    Make the first donation yourself

Nobody wants to go first! Give the first step and get that out of the way.

2.    Get in touch with your close contacts

Your immediate family and close friends are the best place to start. Send them personalised messages to explain why you’re taking part in the challenge and what they can do to support you.

3.    Reach out to wider circles

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