From 1st April 2020, Healthwatch Hammersmith & Fulham is being delivered by your Voice in Health and Social Care (YVHSC). 

YVHSC is an independent organisation that gives people a voice to improve and shape services and help them get the best out of health and social care provision. 

The governance arrangements include an overarching Board of Trustees, made up of volunteers, including a chair. The YVHSC Board is the body that ensures Healthwatch Hammersmith & Fulham delivers on its contractual obligations.

In delivering Healthwatch Hammersmith & Fulham, YVHSC have established a Committee of local people to lead and guide Healthwatch Hammersmith & Fulham’s workplan.

YVHSC is a registered charity (1154672) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (08397315)

YVHSC Registered Address: 53 Lela Avenue, Hounslow, TW4 7RU

YVHSC Office Head Quarters: 45 St Mary’s Road,  London, W5 5RG

An up to date list of YVHSC policies can be found here. 

Prior to April 2020 the provider of Healthwatch Hammersmith & Fulham was Healthwatch Central West London. Details can be found on their website here 

GDPR Policies

Health & Safety Policy

Guidance for safe working practice for adults who work with children and young people

Grievance Policy & Procedure

Fraud Risk Management Policy

Financial Transaction Cards Policy

Financial Regulations Policy

Financial Management & Regulations Policy

Exit Management Policy

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy

Enter & View Policy

Enter & View Policy and Procedure

Employees Code of Conduct Policy

E-Governance Resolution

E-Governance Protocol

Disciplinary Policy & Procedure

Delegation of Authority to CEO

Data Protection Policy & Procedure

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Complaints Policy & Procedure

Communications Policy

Cheque Signing Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Working with Vulnerable Groups Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Volunteers Expenses and Benefits Policy

Volunteers Code of Conduct Policy

Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Involvement Policy

Trustees and Board Members Code of Conduct Policy

Staff Recruitment and Training Policy

Social Value Policy

Sickness and Absence Policy & Procedure

Safeguarding Children Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Reimbursement Expenses

Induction Policy & Procedure

Healthwatch Quality Assurance Policy

Healthwatch Governance Policy